A New Improv

Improvateur captures the majesty of Notre Dame in a new improv


If you have found this site thinking you are visiting Saxon Henry’s The Diary of an Improvateur, please click through to the new improv as this blog is now inactive, and all Literary Design Adventures and Literary Travel Adventures are being undertaken at the other location. In my new improv, you’ll find entries in my diary that pair literature and design, and literature and travel.


La Menagere, a new hotspot in Florence as a new improv


Recent posts have included a Date Night in Italy that finds Michelangelo and Vittoria Colonna visiting the new Florence hotspot La Ménagère and a followup post that shines a true light on the relationship between the Renaissance artist and sixteenth-century poet. I’ve explored a number of subjects relating to the Tudor Era, including The Built Legacy of Henry VIII, Renovating in the Tudor Era, Furnishing the Pastimes of Henry VIII and Decorating Hampton Court Palace.


Jean Leon Gerome's Louis XIV and Moliere


I suppose it’s becoming clear that I am fascinated by history and historical design turns me on particularly. I’ve created several entries highlighting historical porcelain patterns being produced by the famed French manufacturer Bernardaud that included We’ll Never Be Royals and Dining with History. I’ve developed literary design adventures that have Horace Walpole shopping the Decorative Fair, visiting the Duomo di Milano with Shelley and Dante, riffing on how Cinderella would decorate if she were to set up house in the South of France, and taken readers Through the Looking Glass into Devon with designer Timothy Oulton.


Timothy Oulton Decorates Glazebrook House Hotel


Sponsored blogging for clients has me exploring Leo Tolstoy’s What is Art? and Oscar fashions on the Red Carpet with Dorothy Parker as the muse. Did you know she won an Academy Award for screenwriting? And lastly, I often post entries that highlight my books Stranded on the Road to Promise and Anywhere But Here, such as recent entries titled God’s Articulate Finger and Musing Through Classical Mythology.

Anyway, I’m having loads of fun and I hope to see you on Saxon Henry soon!